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Dealing with Pet Anxiety When Pet Owners Go Back to Work

Dealing with Pet Anxiety When Pet Owners Go Back to Work

Dealing with Pet Anxiety When Pet Owners Go Back to Work

People love to spend time with their pets. A significant increase in interaction between pets and pet owners has been observed during the pandemic when people start social distancing from family members and relatives. Pets become addicted to pet owners because they were spending most of the time with them. Some people get advance notice to return to work. It helps pet owners to allow their pets to adjust being alone home. In this article, we will discuss how to deal with pet anxiety when pet owners return to work and which kennel accessories can assist in calming your pet. 

How to Prepare Your Pet for Your Absence?

Stop spending more time at the house. Go outside frequently and stay out for a longer duration. In this way, your pet will get used to your absence. Pets can easily understand our daily routine. Wear such clothes that you usually wear when going to work and give them treats before leaving home. Make changes in the walk and mealtime of your pets. Do everything that you can so that they can get used to your absence before you return to work. 

What Are the Signs of Anxiety in Pets?

There might be various signs of anxiety that pet owners can’t understand. Pets suffering from separation anxiety start to:

  • Demonstrate destructive behaviors, such as digging or chewing
  • Urinate inside the home
  • Try to escape from the home
  • Howling and barking
  • Panting and drooling

On the other hand, cats start to refuse food, hide, and avoid interacting with owners. Some common signs of separation anxiety in cats are:

  • Dilation of the pupils
  • Panting
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Twitching tails and ears

So, if you notice any of the signs after returning to work, it means your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.



How Can Kennels and Kennel Accessories Assist in Calming Your Pet?

Dog’s anxiety can be stressful for dogs and dog owners. However, some kennel accessories can assist in calming your pet. Dogs are social animals, and they want to establish a strong bond with their owners. They never want to be separated, and if it happens, they show anxiety in different ways.

Dog kennels, containment, and pens are essential for all the dogs. Some best pet calming accessories are given below:

  1. Calming Soft Chews

You can’t use collars or shirts for calming dogs all the time because some dogs don’t like this strategy. Calming chews can help balance behavior and support relaxation in pets. These chews contain ginger that can help promote restful sleep and relaxation.

  1. Smart Crate

When you return to work, your dogs need a place where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. These smart crates can be an excellent choice for anxiety relief. Most of these crates play gentle music and start a gentle airflow after the detection of the pet’s presence. It turns off when your pet is relaxed and exits the crate.

  1. Comfort Cuddler

Your dog can get addicted to your presence. Dogs love and feel your smell. If you want your dog to relax, get a Comfort Cuddler, and place a cloth or something like that in it so that they can feel your presence by smelling it.

  1. Hemp Oil

It is another excellent tool for calming nerves and reducing stress levels. It can improve the overall mood of your pet.

  1. DogTv

You can entertain your dog to relax them by providing them with a DogTv. Dogs react positively to music and video most of the time, so it is essential to provide them with the right stimulation.

  1. Canine Calm Spray

These sprays come in different options to fit your dog’s lifestyle. These sprays keep your pet calm during training, adoptions, and anxiety.

  1. Calmz

Different stimulations are available to calm your pets when they are stressed. You can use one or in combination. It is an excellent choice for relaxing your pet.

Some other useful kennel accessories are:

  • Performance Pad
  • Tie-Down Straps
  • G1 Fan
  • G1 Intermediate

Tips for Getting Your Pet into the Work-Day Schedule

Follow the below-given tips for a successful office visit with your pet.

  • Train and socialize your pet
  • Ensure that your pet has basic manners and obedience
  • Teach your pet to bed and relax
  • Introduce your pet to other pets at the office
  • Prepare a doggie bag

These tips can work for getting your pet into the work-day schedule.

Why Do You Need to Bring Your Pet to Work-Day?

When pets spend most of the time alone, they suffer from separation anxiety. Sometimes it happens with humans as well when they live their pets alone at home they remain worried all day. There are plenty of good reasons to bring your pet to the work-day. Some significant reasons are given below:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help improve relationships
  • Increase your attendance
  • Promote creativity
  • Create happiness
  • Provide exercise
  • Attract potential employees
  • Contribute to flexibility

Bringing your pet to the office can be beneficial for both pet and pet owners. Pets feel much relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, it allows owners to concentrate on work and do some creative things. Dogs can be used to greet new clients, and they can bring happiness to everyone’s face. Employees can spend more time at work because they know they have their pets with them.


Pets get addicted to human’s presence. They want them to have with them all the time. It was possible when employees were working from home, but now they have to return to work. Dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and they show it in different ways. You can buy many kennels and kennel accessories to relax them. Moreover, you can follow the tips mentioned above and bring them to work-day. Follow the rules when you bring them to the office. The best thing you can do is try to prepare them to live alone, and you can follow the practices mentioned above.

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