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Free shipping on MOST orders over $99

BatherBox Dog Bathing System

The BatherBox Dog Bathing System is our revolutionary 4-product bathing system. It not only gives pets a luxurious bath-time experience; It also washes in a fraction of the time of hand bathing! This commercial-grade system saves you approximately 30% in shampoo and conditioner usage. The Accu-Mixer (TM) technology precisely dilutes your products for fast, efficient bathing. Special non-recirculation system assures fresh, clean water and product mixture every time.

BatherBox is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to adjust the shampoo usage with metering tips built into the system with no need to change. We recommend using with the specially formulated BatherBox Shampoo with this system to ensure top performance.

The BatherBox Dog Bathing System includes the following items:
  • The BatherBox Unit
  • 2- 14' Vinyl Pickup Tubes
  • 1- Blue Outlet Hose
  • 1- Blue Inlet Hose
  • 1- Spray Nozzle
  • 4- Wall Mounting Anchors
  • 4- Ceramic Weights
  • 4- Foot Valve Strainers
  • 4- Gallon Caps
  • 4- Screws