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Free shipping on MOST orders over $99

Zinger Removable Caster Wheels - Set of 4

by Zinger


Perhaps the most handiest accessory to add to your Zinger crate is the removable caster wheel kit. The heavy duty construction of the corner bracket acts to protect your crate from damage as it makes it way through airports, show rings and rough handling baggage handlers.

Each kit includes the caster plates, mounting hardware and casters. The casters are 3" polyurethane tires, which are molded onto a hard rubber hub. All 4 wheels swivel and lock which comes in handy when on an incline and your hands are full. Double action braking stops wheel and swivel with one easy movement of the engagement lever. Roller bearings keeps the crate moving smoothly.

We designed these casters so the wheels easily remove when needed (without tools) and the crate and attached brackets sits flat on the floor. 

Fits all Zinger crates.